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First Foundation Kids organization has the best youth leadership development curriculum


  • best charitable organizations award (3 times in a row)

We take pride in our work.


Our policy


We welcome all parents and kids of all backgrounds regardless of national origin, sex, religion, race, etc. to the First Foundation Kids' family. Please join our partners and supporters today! Help reach out to more kids that are desperately in need of your help. Your support will go along way in helping these kids.


"There is no worthy cause than providing opportunity and succor to children in need..."T.B. Mann.


Help us create these opportunities to develop and prepare our kids to be successful in life.

If you are seeking help from the First Foundation Kids (FFK) organization or like to register as one of our volunteers, please use the form on the "REGISTER FORM" menu above to register today. Thank you for your efforts!

About our In-take Schedule

Our beneficiary in-take program is easy and fast. After the initial assessment review, beneficiary is usually assigned to a counselor who will be the beneficiary point of contact for all types of assistance.

Non-profit 501(c)3 Organization for Kids




Let First Foundation Kids, Help You.


(770) 291-0607 

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