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Impact Story

Our impact story says it all.  There it is.  When a youth comes in contact with First Foundation Kids volunteers or staff, their life changes for good.  Yes. That is the story. At First Foundation Kids, we go a little deeper in understanding the needs of each youth that comes to us. That helps us to better serve the client and achieve results faster. Here are just few of the many youths that have gone from failing to success.

Girl with Micro Braids

Mission Accomplished

Alicia came to First Foundation Kids desperate to learn new skills to enable her find work faster to help her sick mom with their bills. Well, working with Alicia on job readiness training, she is now gainfully employed and helping her family in various ways.

High School Student

Rescuing the Youth

An underserved youth is powerless unless someone steps up to support, encourage and direct their ways.  James had no basic skills and was behind in schoolwork, did not have a support system as an emancipated foster kid. Coming to First Foundation Kids he says, has helped him to return to school and excited about completing school. 

High School Student
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