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First Foundation Kids' (FFK) programs and services address the social, educational, vocational and character development needs of participants. Program participants come to us for help from:  shelter homes, area churches, schools, and various agencies all over metro-Atlanta, Georgia.  First Foundation Kids has the best youth leadership development curriculum and has consistently over the past five years been recognized as the one of the best charitable organizations in Georgia.


FFK not only help kids complete high school education, prepare for college, obtain their first jobs or assists the long-long-term unemployed re-enter the workforce and maintain sustained employment in their field, but also to help them generate significantly better career outcomes through industry-sector recognized skill development opportunities and professional certifications leading to family-supporting wages and careers. 


Access to the latest technology provides unlimited opportunities to learn new skills, conduct research, and facilitate tutoring and academic remediation.


Academic Enrichment/Support


Using Assistive Learning Technology (ALT), kids can learn more from using audio/visual aides to enhance classroom instruction. We offer the following programs:

+ Anti-bullying Program

+ Mentoring & Tutoring

+ Education through literacy

+ Academic remediation

+ Job readiness training

+ Basic Technology Training,

+ STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

+ Financial management training

+ Arts & Culture 

+ Environmental education

+ Healthcare, fostering the well-being of kids through personal hygiene education, and most importantly, 

+ Developing new opportunities for disadvantaged kids (16 to 21 years of age) in the greater Atlanta Georgia area whose lives were impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Kids summer school enrichment program

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Youth Development Program

We offer quality job readiness training and support program for beneficiaries in the following areas:

+ Career Assessment & Advisement

+ Coaching & Counseling

+ Job Readiness Training & Job Placement Assistance
+ Resume Writing Assistance/Workshop
+ Customer Service Skills Training

+ Basic Technology Training

+ Job Placement Assistance

+ Personal Financial Management Education

+ Entrepreneurship Training
+ Healthcare - Personal Hygiene & Covid-19 Protection Education

+ Environmental Education.

We Deliver Outstanding Results  


Our continued success stems from our ability to deliver outstanding results for our beneficiaries. In addition, we utilize available resources from FFK's highly experienced volunteers from around the world to get the job done. The organization continues to enjoy recognitions from the local communities through its excellent works with underserved kids.




Each time, I come to First Foundation Kids facility, I feel very happy just knowing that I have people around me that can help.

-Natasha Gilbert

I'm a living testimony of the works of this organization. Imagine as an orphan, not having anyone to help me with my home work. I'm blessed to have FFK.

- Dan O'rville

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